Meet Our Team

Sheila Stewart, RMT RYT

Registered Massage Therapist

Akhanda Yoga Teacher

​Holisitic Health Coach

Sheila has been working professionally in therapeutic bodywork for over a decade now. Her loyal clientele return for her extraordinary massages and refined sense for seeking  the source of discomfort. Using massage therapy, acupuncture and therapeutic yoga as her main tools, Sheila's approach ensures your comfort, relaxation and relief from suffering. With the integration of ancient and modern techniques, her holistic approach to the energetic body offer a gentle way to release mental and emotional blockages causing pain in the physical body. Her deeply meditative massages can be enjoyed regularly as a tool for self-care, to relieve pain caused by new or old injuries, or to support more restful sleep. Her holistic approach considers physical, mental, and emotional well-being so you leave feeling grounded and lighter on your feet. If you seek to deepen your understanding of the roots of yoga, and to build a personal practice from the ground up, Sheila is your teacher! She is currently building her formal education programs and looks forward to 

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Linda Kang

Energy and Shamanic Healing

Linda is a gifted intuitive healer who calls on the power of Reiki energy and shamanic healing wisdom to guide her.

She is spiritually grounded and dedicates her life to this work in hopes of lighting up the world one person and one experience at a time. She has personally experienced the shifts this personal work creates and is compelled to share it.

Linda is also a teacher and offers to share her learnings to others who show commitment and who feel called to explore their gifts and offerings - whatever they may be.


Whether you choose a Reiki session, an Energy Clearing or a Soul Retrieval, you will feel better afterwards. Some feel renewed and rejuvenated, full - with a great sense of ease, deeply content and excited about life! 


Reach out and experience a session with Linda when you are feeling lost, unbalanced, unsure, are holding onto emotions, need insight or need a different kind of help that Western practices of therapy have not been able to heal. Know that you will always leave a session feeling lighter, full of hope and with some direction. 

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Louisa Pucci, RYT

Senior Yoga Teacher

Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner 

Louisa is an intuitive healer who offers a variety of experiences based on her extensive knowledge and education. She teaches an assortment of styles of yoga, perhaps the most unique being the fusion of restorative yoga with Thai massage and aromatherapy. Through her Thai massage treatments and yoga sessions, Louisa’s focus is on the the healing benefits of these practices while holding space in calming atmosphere that does not require flexibility or feelings of bliss. All are welcome; all moods, all levels and all abilities. For those who yearn to feel freer and lighter in their bodies, manage stress and anxiety, release long held tensions, counter repetitive stress, improve joint mobility, increase circulation and boost immunity and vitality, we encourage you to book a transformational session with Louisa.


To learn more and to download a free yoga nidra meditation, visit:


Jules Lawrence, RYT

Advanced Thai Massage Practitioner

Thai Massage Educator

Yoga Teacher

Jules is an innovative health and wellness practitioner who specializes in a therapeutic form of Thai bodywork. She currently practices Thai Massage, as well as mentors yoga teachers that want a deeper understanding of hands-on assists and massage therapists interested in alternative, effective body mechanics.


For Jules, the seed of holistic healing was planted years ago, when she suffered a serious lower spine injury that caused her to live in constant pain. She found that, while modern medicine was good at numbing the pain, it was the practice of yoga and Thai massage that ultimately led to true healing. This personal journey inspired her to explore a life of assisting others in finding their way to a pain-free life.  Jules has since educated herself with numerous programs in Thai Element Theory, Thai Massage, Thai Heat Therapy, and Reflexology. She feels fortunate to be surrounded by a thriving  community of skilled healers and yogis that continue to inspire. Her highest intention is to  empower and help each of her clients take their health and vitality to the next level, while achieving their personal health goals.  


Tammy Faulds 

ICF Certified Coach

Grief Recovery Specialist®

The Daring Way™ (Brené Brown) Certified Facilitator

500hr Certified Yoga Teacher

Tammy is an ICF Certified Coach, Grief Recovery Specialist®, The Daring Way™ (Brené Brown) Certified Facilitator, 500hr Certified Yoga Teacher, and all-around perspective shifter who utilizes her holistic skills to help people rewrite their inner stories so they can get unstuck and back on their path. Tammy has an arsenal of techniques and life experience under her belt, from positive psychology and guided meditation to being a cancer survivor and world traveller. Tammy believes that death is a part of life and that facing it doesn’t have to be scary – it can be beautiful, fascinating, thought provoking, and the key to a more fulfilling life, right now.


If you’re feeling stuck or are suffering from the pain of loss, Tammy offers 1:1 coaching and small group workshops centered around this holistic approach here at Align Wellness Studio. To learn more about her coaching services and workshops, please visit


Andrea Olivera

Ayurveda Spa Specialist

Andrea Olivera is a seminal figure in Canada’s Ayurvedic spa healing and beauty industry. For over 30 years she has helped thousands of clients and students experience the wonders of Ayurveda through her unique Andrea Olivera Ayurveda Method as an educator, author, speaker, aromacologist, and creator of Ayurveda Rituals Botanicals – her exquisite line of natural botanical skincare and perfumes. She is also the author of Eye on Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish Almanac, and A Rishi Among Us —Tales of Krishan Mantri. She is currently working on her third book.

For more information about Andrea and all her offerings visit

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