Registered Massage Therapy


Akhanda Yoga

Transformational Health coaching


Sheila has been working professionally in therapeutic bodywork for over a decade now. Her loyal clientele return for her extraordinary massages and refined sense for seeking  the source of discomfort. Using massage therapy, acupuncture and therapeutic yoga as her main tools, Sheila's approach ensures your comfort, relaxation and relief from suffering. With the integration of ancient and modern techniques, her holistic approach to the energetic body offer a gentle way to release mental and emotional blockages causing pain in the physical body. Her deeply meditative massages can be enjoyed regularly as a tool for self-care, to relieve pain caused by new or old injuries, or to support more restful sleep. Her holistic approach considers physical, mental, and emotional well-being so you leave feeling grounded and lighter on your feet. Consider reaching out to Sheila if you're seeking a deeper connection to your soul purpose and wanting to release traumatic patterns from your being.


IG: bones_n_gold

FB: Sheila Stewart