Massage Therapy

RMT Covered Services


Registered Massage Therapy

Massage therapy uses effective techniques to manage pain, dysfunction and stress in the body. Each approach to massage encourages a different intent in healing the body and improving tissue health. Benefits include improvement in circulation, lymphatic drainage and rehabilitation of injuries. Beyond the physical body, Massage Therapy attends to mental and emotional wellbeing, insomnia, stress levels, perinatal care, psychosomatic pain disorders and addiction management. 


Align Signature Sessions

Deep Tissue Release

Releases deep tensions from the physical and mental bodies by removing patterns of pain and bringing the nervous system into a restful state. A  combination of massage, acupressure, reflexology and guided breathing allows you to release tension from the deepest levels while resting in bliss.


Intuitive Healing Massage

A holistic approach to massage which incorporates the wisdom of Eastern traditional healing and medical theory. Being a fusion, of hands-on healing and powerful energy work, is what makes this experience truly unique. Sessions open with flowing discussion, allowing you to share what themes or emotions you are looking to resolve, release and re-balance. Techniques vary based on your individual needs and intention for treatment.


Acupuncture with RMT

Acupuncture is an ancient healing and pain relieving practice originating in the far east. An intricate web of energy meridians (channels) were mapped throughout the body, connecting the internal organ systems with the musculature and special senses. In treatment,  points are activated with fine needles along particular meridians to manipulate the flow of Qi (Chi, life force energy). Acupuncture is a great option for areas too sensitive for massage as it has a direct effect on moving energy from the painful area, often with no needles directly in the painful location. This is a great treatment option for everyone. Like yoga, acupuncture is a great tool for alleviating painful conditions in the body and creating an overall feeling of calm and wellbeing. It can be a great natural remedy aiding sleep, digestion, women's health and mood imbalances. Book as an individual session or add on to any massage with Sheila Stewart, RMT.