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Transformational Health Coaching & Yogic  Mentorship

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unclear or in need of support to move through a big transition in your life? Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with a life-changing condition? Have you suffered trauma that you are wanting to release from your life so you can move ahead to live a joyful, fulfilling life created just for you? One thing that is guaranteed in all of our lifetimes, is that we will be confronted with challenges. One thing that is not predetermined, is how we choose to respond to the challenges. what life is presenting to us. Health coaching offers support with moving through the aspects of ourSelves that keep us stuck, in undesirable patterns. Sheila's sessions bring you back to the basics, helping you get clear on what is important, real and within your control. This begins with practical tools and revisiting our ABC's - Accountability, Breath and Compassion. You an book a single session or a series to support your transformation. Coaching helps you get clear on WHAT you want and supports you in becoming the person you need to become to realize your goals. Sessions are individually catered to your unique needs, and may include counselling, breathing techniques, yoga postures, awareness practices, creation of rituals and knowledge of your astrological fingerprint. Bodywork and energy healing may also be recommneded as part of a series of sessions, to ensure a grounded and impactful experience.

The yogic mentoring sessions are an integration of the 'Akhanda Approach': Akhanda means whole and indivisible. Akhanda Yoga, designed by Himalayan Master Yogrishi Vishvketu (PhD) offers a holistic toolkit to bring forward ancient wisdom for a modern age. The Akhanda Yoga approach emphasizes a balanced life and offers a full repertoire of yoga techniques.


Five Akhanda Elements of Practice


  • Movement (Annamaya Kosha)

  • Breathing (Pranayamaya Kosha)

  • Sound-work (Manomaya Kosha)

  • Meditation (Vijnanamaya Kosha)

  • Yogic Wisdom (Anandamaya Kosha)


Five Akhanda Energetic Principles


  • Grounding (Apana Prana)

  • Uplifting (Pran Prana)

  • Centering (Samana Prana)

  • Expansion (Vyana Prana)

  • Connection to the Whole (Udana Prana and Cosmic Prana)

Single sessions and extended programming will focus on balancing your body, mind and spirit.

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