Registered Massage Therapy

Yoga Nidra Meditation


Doris Jelacic has been a practicing RMT for over 10 years and has been teaching Yoga Nidra Meditation Workshops since 2019.  Prior to her career shift to health care she worked in social services for almost 15 years, 10 of which were out of Covenant House Toronto (Canada’s largest youth shelter). Along with a B.A. in Psychology, she has a strong history of case management and counselling. That may explain why clients often comment about how easy it is to talk to her and how pleased they are that she actively listens to their needs and consistently delivers positive outcomes.  In her quest for improved health and wellness for both herself and her clients, she has added numerous additional training courses and has researched a vast array of health and wellness applications, studies and ideas. 


Doris loves working with clients that wish to improve their health and well-being and is often told her knowledge and willingness to teach and share is both empowering and inspirational.  Doris is grateful to have many regular massage and Yoga Nidra clients and is often told her energy, active listening, self care suggestions and encouragement are transformational experiences.  Using simple, easily understood language and terminology, Doris helps clients learn about and improve their health.  Doris is passionate about Yoga Nidra in particular as the 8 stage method she teaches is so simple yet profoundly powerful.  If you can manage some simple body relaxing movement followed by lying comfortably on your back (pillows, blankets and bolsters are used to minimize bodily distractions), and listen to a guided meditation, then you can do Yoga Nidra!  In all her research and personal experiences of various forms of meditation, Yoga Nidra (which literally translates into Yogi’s Sleep) resonates most deeply and consistently provides the most impact in regards to bringing the Nervous System into balance (homeostasis) and over time creating joy, health and connection.  Doris believes this meditation practice changes lives and will help improve the world as more and more people learn and develop a regular practice.  As we learn to connect to our inner wisdom through meditation practices like Yoga Nidra, the ripple effects of improved relationships and openness to new ideas and co-creation will most certainly improve all areas of our lives and communities.  


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