Worhshop Descriptions


Somatic Movement

Restorative + Thai + Tea


Join movement teacher Ellen Fielding in this 4-week series for a journey through your internal landscape. Inspired by Bessel Van Der Kolk’s book, “The Body Keeps the Score,” we will move and release what is not serving us for 2020 and beyond. You may have heard by now that 'the body keeps the score'. What are you carrying in your physical body that needs to be released? Are you holding unnecessary tension in your shoulders, back, hips, or other areas that are causing pain and imbalance? This workshop series is an opportunity to rewrite your physical narrative in a contained, intimate space and timeline, by integrating the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. No prior knowledge of Van Der Kolk’s book is needed for this practice. These will be 90-minute mat based movement classes that blend aspects of yoga, pilates, Qi Gong, dance and meditation. We will focus on sensation and strength. No experience necessary. All levels welcome. All mats and props are provided. Please preregister.

Restore + Thai + Tea Workshop with Louisa &

In this pop-up workshop, you will receive Thai massage while in supported, restorative postures. There is limited movement while bolsters and blankets promote comfort and deep relaxation. You will experience therapeutic Thai massage from two practitioners alternating with periods of rest. Experience a 4-hands offering stretch and massage This workshop experience will provide you the space to relax and release tensions, allowing body, mind and spirit to re-align. It is a Thai tradition to enjoy tea after massage. All are welcome. Mats are provided and set -up with bolsters awaiting your arrival. Limited to 6 students. Please preregister.

Extraction Experience & Healing Hands


Tarot Yoga

A deep, flowing yoga class that draws inspiration from the archetypal journey of the hero explored through tarot for centuries. Enhance your mind-body-spirit connection as you are led on a journey through poses in conjunction with the major arcana. Inspired by the guidance of the cards, this unique offering explores themes of lightness and darkness, of vulnerability and strength. Regardless of your connection to the esoteric, you will leave this class feeling full and inspired after embarking on this metaphorical, physical and spiritual journey together. All are welcome. Please preregister.

In a restorative group setting, you will receive a shamanic healing - specifically, an Extraction, and experience hands-on healing through therapeutic massage. The intention of this experience is to release energy stuck in the energetic body and help restore/reset the physical and emotional body.
For each participant, there will be periods of stillness without outside stimulation (no hands-on) which allows you the space to prepare the mind, body and soul, and/or to assimilate the healing. Our intention for you at the end of this experience is to wake with an overall feeling of emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Perhaps even rising with an “A-ha!” thought. There is minimal movement in this experience. Some time will be left at the end for sharing (optional) or journal reflection.
An RMT receipt can be issued for massage portion to claim on your health insurance. All are welcome. Please preregister.Yoga offers a holistic toolkit to bring forward ancient wisdom for a modern age. The approach emphasizes a balanced class including a full repertoire of yoga techniques. All  classes are structured to align the physical, energetic, mental/emotional and intuitive self through movement, meditation, breathing, sound and contemplation of yogic philosophy.