We strive to create safe spaces for all our clientele, especially those whom may have experienced systemic or personal trauma. Communities that are marginalized, under-serviced and misunderstood, including IBPOC, LGBTQ2S folx, and those of different abilities, deserve dignified, compassionate care. Please, inform us if there is a way we can improve our service, marketing and overall language to best reflect this spirit.


Our space is located on the main and second floor of a townhouse, and regret that we are not a fully accessible space. There are 2 steps into the studio building and the only washroom is located on the second floor. For our limited mobility clients, we will happily provide services in the main floor space. There is a fully accessible washroom within one block, located inside Loblaws at the corner of Queen Street West & Portland Avenue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Consent & Trauma-Inclusive

We are a trauma inclusive space, working with the intention to attune to your individual needs. We understand how adjustments which may seem small to others, can make a big difference in your experience. At ALIGN you are empowered. Consent is the foundation for healing, as it creates a safe boundary and supports emotional freedom. A "no" is just as cherished as a "yes". If you have requests prior to arrival for your appointment, please don't hesitate to ask. We are always open to learning how to serve you, and our community, better.