Ellen Fielding

Ellen's devotion to mindful movement began with ballet lessons as a young child. Movement continued to serve as a grounding force throughout her life, and was an outlet for her struggles with mental health. Struggling with disordered eating for over 20 years, Ellen established a healthy relationship with her body by learning about its mechanics and functions. By learning to view the body as a beautiful machine and home for her soul, she developed emotional resilience as well as physical strength. Focusing on how things feel in the body, rather than what they look like, brought a new focus to her physical practice.


In recent years, pilates, yoga, dance and strength training have been a source of passion as well as a career path. She cites movement as a vital component to her mental wellness and infuses each class with this philosophy. Ellen strives to lift the spirits of those who move with her, bringing joy and humour into her classes. She encourages her students to develop a loving relationship with their bodies while nurturing their inner landscape. When not moving, Ellen can be found sitting very still as an architectural illustrator.

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